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Lady Riddim Tong / Dj presenter

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Lady Riddim

I have always loved music, even before I was born. Growing up I listened to Motown, hip hop, r&b. I also had a deep love for reggae and dancehall. In my teens I was introduced to drum & bass, I would sneak out to go to raves, spiral tribe, Raindance, and many many other’s. I was introduced to Djing at a house party, I was in awe of the Dj and how cool the mixes sounded, I wanted to do it, so I brought decks and Dj equipment and started practicing. I played House & Garage, I moved to London in 2001 met up with Patrick London, who became my manager, I played at some great venues, Aquarium, waterfront, a boat on Westminster Thames and many other places. In 2004 I moved to the slough where I continued my Djing but swapped House & Garage for reggae/dancehall, I played at the v bar, Eco bar, house parties. I took some time out to raise my children and in 2016 met up with Patrick London again, he got me a regular gig on, I was part of the release radio family for just over three years. I have now become part of the Bay Vibes family thanks to General Wayne and loving it.