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Volunteers Rights and Responsibilities

Volunteers Rights and Responsibilities


Before a person decides to volunteer their time and energy to the station, there should be a very clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities.Both the volunteer and the station have obligations to each other.The Management of BAY-VIBES has endorsed the following statement of Rights and Responsibilities to provide a common understanding between station management and Volunteers:

•Non-discrimination policy

BAY-VIBE Sand by extension, it’s volunteers do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, socio-economic status, nationality, disability or age.

There will be no mobbing, harassment (sexual or other wise,) violent or personal attacks on fellow members or private individuals.or antisocial behavior

( a breach of any of the above can lead to Immediate suspencion or termination of membership and or criminal prosicution)


Volunteer Rights

A Volunteer has the right to:
1. be treated as a co-worker,
2. a suitable assignment,
3. know as much about the organisation as possible,
4. receive appropriate orientation and training for the job,
5. receive continuing education on the job,
6. be given sound guidance and direction,
7. be provided with a safe place to work,
8. promotion and a variety of experience,
9. be heard,
10. receive clear and open communication from the Management,
11. have confidential information respected by the Management              ,
12. access to mediation or arbitration if a dispute occurs,
13. receive loyalty and support from the Management .

Volunteer Responsibilities
A Volunteer has the responsibility to:
1. have adequate time to do the job and attend at least two Volunteers Meetings/ Presenters Meetings per year,
2. have a professional attitude towards volunteer work,
3. accept station rules and comply with broadcasting laws,
4. be loyal and supportive,
5. be willing to learn and participate in Training programmes as              appropriate,
6. keep on learning,
7. welcome supervision,
8. speak up, ask questions when unsure,
9. be dependable & do the work as agreed,
10. respect confidential information gained through service, and
11. be a team player.