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Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Application FormBAY-VIBES Personal Contact Details. Date: ____/____/____
Name: ________________________________________
Residential Address:_______________________________________________________________
Postal Address:______________________________________________________________
Home Phone Number: (___) ____________
Mobile Phone Number: ________________
Work Phone Number: _________________
Fax Number: _______________
Email Address: _______________________________________________________________
Preferred Method of Contact: ____________________________________________

BAY-VIBES is committed to protecting your privacy and communicating with you about how we useinformation collected by us. To learn more about our privacy policy you can request a copy by email at;, or read on  our website;

Personal Details
Given Name:__________________
Family Name:___________________
Age:<under 18 18-25 -25-35 -35-45 -45-55 -55 +
Gender:Male Female
Ethnicity: (How would you consider your background?)___________________
date of Birth ____/____/____ Required
Current Occupation:
Work Study Home Duties Retired Occupation Details:Full Time Part Time Details:_________________________________
Do you have any health issues that may affect the type of volunteering work you do?NoYes _______________________________________________________________
Do you have any special needs issues that may affect the type of volunteering work you do?NoYes ___________________________________________________________

BAY-VIBES is committed in its role to ensure all citizens, irrespective of ethnicity, nationality, race, language, gender, sexuality, religion, age, physical or mental ability, occupation, cultural belief or political affiliation can access and participate in all aspects of station operations.


Other Helpful Information

I would like to assist in fund raising
I would like to assist in publicity and promotions
I can offer computer and office skills
I can offer technical skills
I can help with housekeeping duties
I can help with maintenance/building skills
I can help with training
Other __________________________________________________________________________
I am available at on these days:_______________________________________________________________
I am available at these times:_______________________________________________________________
Have you done other voluntary work?NoYes ____________________________________
Do you have any hobbies and interests?NoYes _____________________________________
Where did you hear about BAY-VIBES volunteer opportunities? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

For Your Information: by signing this form I declare the information to be true and accurate.I understand that submitting this application form does not automatically register me a volunteer with BAY-VIBES. I understand I will be notified of my application result by my preferred method of contact after consideration by the management.Applicant’s full name (please print):_______________________________________________________
Applicant signature: ___________________
Date: ____/____/____
Parent/Guardian signature (if applicant is under 18 years of age):_________________Date: ____/____/____

    (All your personal details will be handled with care – according to our ‘BAY- VIBES’ PRIVACY POLICY)

BAY-VIBES relies on the efforts of volunteers to assist with maintaining operations and community based objectives. We are committed to notifying volunteers of their right and responsibilities. To learn more about our Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities Policy, you can request a copy by email at;; or from our website; (Note:A copy of this completed document will be held on record at the BAY-VIBES office until requested otherwise by the applicant.)

Membership: presenters & Volunteers:

There are no membership fees for presenters-dj’s & volunteers that are engaged in studio, office & admin duties  and in the general running  of the station.

thank You Without your help & suport bay-vibes would not be possible!!!

stay tuned in your BAY-VIBES tean

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Volunteer Application Form