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‘BAY-VIBES’ is a forward-thinking, interactive non-commercial, Urban, World Music, community, radio station, based in Exeter/Devon.
At ‘BAY-VIBES’, we are a move away from commercial broadcasting. We are a freeform internet radio platform, allowing the DJ-Presenters their artistic freedom, to decide and control the content of their shows, and the opportunity to present their shows live, either in the studio, or from their own location.


We are giving listeners a fresh, new alternative, a chance to hear content you won’t necessarily find on other stations. From new to classic songs and underground anthems covering Urban Funk/Soul, Funky/Soulful House, Electronic, UK Garage, Drum’n’Bass, Dub, Latin, Hip Hop, R&B, and Reggae/Dancehall, Afro Beat and other styles from around the music world. Our DJs and Show Hosts are either Radio/Club DJs, Music-Producers or Artists, who have been involved in the Music Industry for a number of years. Plus new up-and-coming Performers/Presenters, who are all passionate about their work, create content for listeners, which also contributes to a cultural and creative community. You will hear shows with music, interviews, musician studio sessions, live broadcasts from local festivals, live events, field recordings, or artist’s sound installations. That’s what will make us unique! And making ‘BAY-VIBES’ a station of choice. The result? Complete diversity! A new radio platform which  supports, and nurtures creativity, and inspires and surprises our listeners.  


To ensure the radio station is fully accessible, we’re broadcasting via the internet. Nice and simple! You’ll be able to listen live via the website, at home or at work. On mobile devices, use our own built-in player, which means you can listen in the car, or on the bus. So you can see and chat with the DJs/Presenters and guests. Internet broadcasting means more versatility. So you can listen when and where you like.


On our interactive web platform, we are focussing on local information in Exeter/Devon and all of the UK, covering Music, Events, and the Exeter Lifestyle. ‘BAY-VIBES’‘ aim is, to build a community around the station, a station made up of DJs, musicians, artists and listeners. This is, what will set us apart from the existing competition. We want to give people something fresh and exciting, something they can feel a part of. So whilst the focus is local, internet-radio it also means a potential international audience.


It’s taken almost a year of planning and preparation, but after a lot of hard work, ‘BAY-VIBES’ is now on air 24-7 and has been running for five years


The risks, we’ll face, are mostly financial, once we are up and running. Not to mention building up the hopes of so many interested people! 
But over the last year, we’ve received great advice and guidance, not only from friends and colleagues but from the community of other independent radio stations. They have all generously shared their experiences, insights and advice. 
Plus, by speaking to other stations and business advisors, we have found ways, to how we can survive financially. Through new funding models and grants, like many other independent stations. This is a challenging project.

Essentially, we want to establish a new style of the radio station which will serve, not only the creatively diverse people, who will use it, but its listeners in a way – perhaps some broadcasters today – cannot. ‘BAY-VIBES’ will cover the costs of music rights and provide a free platform for DJs and hosts, and the freedom to decide the content of their own shows. We want to give listeners an exciting and engaging experience full of possibilities. So yes! It’s a bold and ambitious undertaking! Yes, there are risks and challenges. But what we hear people say most often is… ‘We need this!’ Which means it’s absolutely a challenge, worth facing.


We are a non-profit community radio station that works tirelessly, creatively and positively. Through independent music we work towards breaking down barriers within the community, engaging young people in culture and the arts through the medium of radio.

We as a platform for DJs, producers and presenters, who otherwise would struggle to break into the industry.

We will work in partnership with other organisations, to enhance the skills and life chances of hard-to-engage young people.

Stay tuned-in!

Your ‘BAY-VIBES’ Team