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Bay Vibes  Urban Radio                                                 Listen Again on Mixcloud



What better way to reach the people
BAY-VIBES  Radio, is the new internet community radio station serving Tor Bay Devon and the rest of the uk. being an internet platform it also gives us the opportunity of reaching global listeners
BAY-VIBES prides itself on being local and unlike many other radio stations, we are a Freeform radio platform that allows our dj-presenters full control of the content they produce and broadcast either from the studio. Or from there own location.

BAY-VIBES is the station that people will switch on if they want to know what is going on locally!
We play urban, dance and world music to suit all tastes, from the 1960’s through to the present day, as well as dedicating evening and weekend shows to specialist music programmes.
We believe that BAY-VIBES success will stem not only from our music policy but also the personality aspect that our presenter’s put across.

BAY-VIBES is a voluntary, not-for-profit community radio that relies on the support of the listeners local community and businesses, to keep us running some of the running costs have to come from advertising, events and sponsorship, whilst the other comes from grants.
We’re dedicated to supporting the community of torbay and the surrounding towns and villages, including local businesses like yours. We sell cost effective advertising campaigns
 designed to work hard for your business and we have a dedicated team on hand to advise and guide you through the radio advertising process

Why choose to advertise, and why BAY-VIBES?

• It provides excellent value for money and raises your company profile quicker than any other advertising medium

• It’s available in homes, cars and workplaces

• It’s here 24 hours a day and, unlike newspapers, listeners can be doing other things whilst listening to your advert

• Radio provides the strongest memory retention of a brand or company as your message will be heard over and over again

• It has high levels of trust – radio is seen as a friend
• It’s informative – with up to the minute, travel and local event information

We want local businesses and organisations in torbay and the surrounding towns and villages to make the most out of their local radio station  and have a number of opportunities to promote their business to the area.
• On Air – a choice of commercial packages, sponsorships, promotions and competitions– getting your brand noticed out there!

• Online – we are already very digital ‘savvy’ with our website, which already gets a lot of hits each month, online with rapidly growing following on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.


Sponsorship is an exciting way to build a lasting relationship with our listeners. Opportunities include weather, travel and whats on in the area, our flagship daytime programmes or any of the specialist evening and weekend broadcasts from festivals, family fun days,  ,shop days & club and pub events
Every show sponsor will get two mentions per hour through a professionally made single tailored to your needs.
The sponsorship rates vary between weekdays and weekends. The breakfast and drive time shows sponsor slots are both weekdays and weekends


Local radio is a fantastic medium for local advertisers, allowing them to reach out to the local community in a highly targeted and cost-effective way.
Like sponsorship, your message will be tailored to suit your needs and professionally produced ready for broadcast.
Once produced you can choose how much or how little you want to promote your business or product.
Independently minded,

BAY-VIBES is made by people in touch with the community, who use your products and services themselves.

Stats & Demographics

There are just around 134,500 people in the BAY-VIBES broadcast area, the make-up of which is:

• 48% Men

• 52%Women

The average age of people in Torbay is 44, while the median age is higher at 46. 90.8% of people living in Torbay

*approximate figure

Tourism in Torbay

today accounts for 1.45 million staying visitors plus 3.8 million day visitors, generating a direct and indirect spend of £442 million per annum.

So what are you waiting for? Why not get in touch with the team at BAY-VIBES today and get your business heard.
See our full rate card for both advertising and sponsorship .