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Latest Message: 7 months, 1 week ago
  • Bay Vibes Chat : Welcome to the Chat Forum
  • Tufty : Greetings
  • Robert aka Jan Dury : Hello
  • Tufty : Big Up Jan
  • ruffneck : boom
  • ruffneck : boom
  • ruffneck : studio looking real nice
  • ruffneck : thank you bro great show
  • ruffneck : your myk is still on
  • ruffneck : mic
  • ruffneck : bless up
  • ruffneck : good evening sir
  • ruffneck : bless up star cool show
  • Tufty : Greetings
  • systemsfarm : Greetings and blessings Tufty. Hot one here this weekend. Calling for 44 degrees Celsius this over the next few days..... (99 degrees in the shade) keeping cool inside enjoying the great tunes...
  • Tufty : Bless Up Systemsfarm. Stay cool
  • Tufty : Thanks for tuning in. Have a blessed week
  • ruffneck : bless up
  • Tufty : Greetings
  • ruffneck : hi
  • Tufty : Hi Bro just gonna sort some tunes
  • Tufty : How you doing
  • ruffneck : good bro
  • systemsfarm : Greetings and Blessing Tufty.
  • Tufty : Bless Up Systemsfarm, see your suffering in the heat still.
  • systemsfarm : Been a crazy week, A local town that set the all time Canadian highest temp record 3 days in a row earlier this week just burned to the ground, literally. Extreme forest fire danger throughout the province. Has cooled down on the coast here back to average daytime temps of 22 C.
  • systemsfarm : Hope all is well over there.
  • systemsfarm : greets ruffneck
  • Tufty : Yes all good here, not enough sun here. Hope there are no forest fire. Pray
  • ruffneck : greetings systemfarm
  • Tufty : Give thanks for tuning in. Back next Friday 9pm UK/GMT. Keep it locked. One Love, check the specials on Mixcloud search The Blues Dancehall Show out !
  • ruffneck : bless
  • Tufty : Will be locked in tomorrow for your show bro. One Love
  • ruffneck : bless up
  • ruffneck : welcome to damage control
  • Tufty : Big Up. Nice selection
  • Tufty : Boom tune
  • Tufty : Can't send messages from phones
  • Tufty : Great vibes bro
  • systemsfarm : Greetings and Blessings Tufty. Wishing you and your countrymen all the best on Sunday! Can you give a shout out to my dear friend Darren whom is in Kimberly BC and has had a tough week. I’ve given him the link to your show at BayVibes and suggested that “The Blues Dancehall Show’ will be the perfect antidote to the week he has had and will also serve as a fantastic way to kick off the weekend and make everything feel irie. Big Thanks…
  • jnkmamma : Hey 🙂
  • jnkmamma : Good morning from the UK
  • ruffneck : hi loving the tunes
  • ruffneck : bless up tufty
  • systemsfarm : greetings and blessings Tufty
  • ruffneck : bless up
  • systemsfarm : Greeting Tufty from a smokey and very hot Vancouver...
  • systemsfarm : Greetings and Blessings Tufty
  • Tufty G : Greetings
  • Tufty G : 3
  • Tufty G :
  • systemsfarm : Greetings and Blessing Tufty, Hope all is irie....
  • Tufty G : Greetings, Last show tonight.
  • systemsfarm : Greetings and Blessings Tufty. Thank you for sharing your brilliance and passion. Your carefully crafted weekly selections have provide unmeasurable joy to all who listen and have also provided a much needed respite in these unsettled times. The Biggest Respect to you for sharing you passion and love. May all your days be filled with the sweet sounds of Reggae music. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to have along for the ride, and what a great trip it has been. systemsfarm
  • Tufty G : Bless Up Systemsfarm an honour got some specials coming out on mixcloud over the next month or so keep an eye out Give thank
  • systemsfarm : Fantastic link to catch the past shows on the rewind....
  • systemsfarm : looking forward to the specials
  • Tufty G : Mr Spaulding, Bob Marley & Wailers, Jahrevelationmuzik & Brigadier Jerry and few more
  • Tufty G : have put some specials up over the last year as well have you heard them? have to scroll down. Bless Up
  • systemsfarm : Yes, I have listened to all that you have posted up, fantastic
  • Tufty G : Give thanks. Always an honour