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BAY-VIBES Community Radio Station
Torquay/ Devon

Presenter’s Contractual Agreement
BAY-VIBES Community Radio Station
hereafter referred to as BAY-VIBES.

Being a presenter and having a show is not a right, but a privilege
given to the DJ-Presenter. The said agrees to follow the policies and guidelines of BAY-VIBES.
During your allotted slot, you as a DJ-Presenter, are in charge, and
are responsible for BAY-VIBES reputation and property when in the studio. If your guests steal or damage or deface BAY-VIBES property, swear ‘on-air’, or violate any of the rules and guidelines, governing BAY-VIBES, you as the DJ-Presenter will be held responsible for the actions of your guests.
The ‘on-air’ privileges, and/or team-membership of the BAY-VIBES presenter may be suspended and/or terminated, due to one or more of the reasons relating to breaches of BAY-VIBES rules as set out in the ‘On-Air’ Presenter Guide.
1-33 as listed below; remembering that Presenters are also subject to the same articles governing conduct, which appear in the BAY-VIBES   ‘On-Air’ Presenter Guide.; as are all other members.Programming, Training and Station Equipment
I will commence my program as per the scheduled time and arrive at the studio at least 15 minutes before my program’s scheduled start time.

I will abide by the programming ideals adopted by BAY-VIBES, (as set out in the ‘On-Air’ Presenter Guide.), which aims
to break down prejudices on the grounds of race, nationality, ethnic background, sex, religion, sexual preference or cognitive/sensory/mental/physical condition.

I understand that the musical tastes and opinions of members may be different from my own, and will undertake to respect the rights of members to hold their own opinions.

I agree not to play any music, or other recorded material with offensive language, except in accordance with
BAY-VIBES’s policy on coarse language in broadcast material. as set out in the ‘On-Air’ Presenter Guide. water shed times from 2100 until 0530

I agree to attend as many Training Sessions per annum, as is deemed necessary by BAY-VIBES, on Broadcasting Techniques and Standards, in order to keep me current with Broadcasting Equipment, Policies, and Practices, and Procedures.

I will treat all station equipment with respect and report any problems immediately. I will not attempt to make repairs or adjustments to station equipment, unless authorised. I will obey the legal and station requirements of being a presenter.

There will be no mobbing, harassment (sexual or other wise,) violent or personal attacks on fellow members or private individuals.or antisocial behavior ( a breach of any of the above can lead to Immediate suspencion or termination of membership and or criminal prosicution)

No slanderous, blasphemous, obscene, or seditious statements will be made, nor any statements which
may be considered to be in contradiction of any Anti-Terrorism legislation.

There will be no offensive material broadcast, in keeping with the current policy document of the station, and guidelines of the Office of Communications/OFCOM.

There will be no advertising during my program, unless they are BAY-VIBES authorised sponsors.


I will not glorify suicide, murder or crime, recommend it as a solution to life problems. I will not name victims.

I will follow the station policy in receiving complaints at the studio, and will document all incoming phone and fax calls, which require further action by the station, and will follow procedures relating to this, as set out in the ‘On-Air’ Presenter Guide.

I will immediately arrange an alternate presenter or alternate mechanisms, i.e. a pre-recorded show, should I become unavailable, or will be late, for a rostered broadcast, in conjunction with the Programming Manager; cases of emergency are exempt.

I will not use the Studio to entertain my friends, or consume alcohol or drugs on the premises.

I will facilitate a smooth changeover at the end of my shift and complete my program on time.

I will not make personal comments on air about any member, or program, or use my program for the conducting of personal conversations.

I will not hang posters, advertising, plaques, etc. without the prior approval of the Management.The following situations are not acceptable, and are considered to be serious breaches of this Agreement .

Failure to show up or being late for their allotted time slot.

Failure to complete their allotted time slot or fill-in.

Failure to follow the run sheets.

Interfering with or sabotage another presenter’s show; this includes running into the next presenter’s time-slot.

Use of profane language or derogatory remarks concerning race, religion, gender, sexuality during ‘on-air’ broadcast.

Allowing guests to use profane language or derogatory remarks concerning race, religion, gender, sexuality during ‘on-air’ broadcast.

Airing a song, interview, or other recorded material containing profane language or derogatory remarks concerning race, religion, gender or sexuality.

Airing descriptions of sex acts, vivid descriptions of crimes involving rape, mayhem, child abuse, assaults, or vivid descriptions of accidents involving serious injury or death.

‘On-air’ denigration of BAY-VIBES presenters, management or programs.

‘On-air’ complaints concerning equipment failures or other presenters.

‘On-air’ comments condoning unlawful acts or comments that are likely to incite lawlessness, rioting or other acts that are detrimental to the community.

‘On-air’ wilful lying or distortion of facts.

Unauthorised possession of any BAY-VIBES material or equipment outside of station’s premises.

Use of alcohol and/or drugs or narcotics or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs/narcotics, or allowing guests to consume or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs/narcotics at the station.

Removal any property from BAY-VIBES, including CD’s, records, tapes, documents, pens, paper, current newspapers and magazines, etc., without prior approval.

Negligent use or abuse of BAY-VIBES property or the property of other presenters.

Accepting, or attempting to secure any conditions, favours, goods, money or material from outside interests, in exchange for ‘on-air’ promotions or endorsements.

Reconfiguring the technical layout of the studio or replacing equipment, without prior approval of the station technician.

32. Failure to contact the station technician, when equipment fails. I.e. at start-up, during, or at shut-down of a presenter’s show (after the presenter has followed the appropriate procedures  as set out in the ‘On-Air’ Presenter Guide.

If a presenter is unable to do their show, it is the presenter’s responsibility to arrange for fill-ins.
If a presenter is unable to secure a fill-in, they MUST notifythe Programming Manager at least two hours prior to the commencement of their show. Cases of emergency are exempt from the two hour rule.

It is the presenter’s responsibility to be at the station at least 15 minutes prior to his/her show or notify the preceding on-air presenter at the station, or the Programming Manager that they will be late.
Cases of emergency are exempt.

The presenter must be familiar with the material, that they plan to ‘air’, and must be fully conversant with the current BAY-VIBES rules, regarding BAY-VIBES policy on coarse language in broadcast material.

I have read and understood  the ‘On-Air’ Presenter Guide.

I understand these rules and conditions and agree to abide by the Presenters’ Contractual Agreement as set out above.

I understand that disciplinary action can, and/or will, be taken against me for breaches of the agreement.

Presenter(s) Name (print)……………………………………………

Presenter(s) Signature ………………………………………….


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