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volunteer contract

Volunteer contract

Non-­‐discrimination policy -­‐BAY-VIBES and by extension, it’s volunteers do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, socioeconomic status, nationality, disability or age.

Illegal Activity-­‐Violation of any civil or criminal law while working in a voluntary capacity for the organization is not tolerated.

•Social Media-­‐Volunteers are encouraged to use social media, either their own profiles or via the BAY-VIBES volunteer pages,

to support and promote the station. This includes but is not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or blogs.

Consider what you post about the station and station personnel before updating and use the station’s conflict resolution process rather than a public forum if conflicts arise.

Illegal Drugs, Alcohol –Illegal drugs on station premises are forbidden. Alcohol is forbidden in the control room. Off-­‐air volunteers may consume alcohol responsibly in a Designated Space areas other than the control room.

BAY-VIBES  Property -­‐Mistreatment, personal use, or borrowing of BAY-VIBES property is not allowed.

Conflict Resolution–Refer to BAY-VIBES Conflict Resolution Policy to resolve any conflicts that arise with staff, station management or other volunteers.

Privacy/Confidentiality –Employee and volunteer contact/personal information, computer passwords, location of keys, door codes, etc are confidential and only to be used by employees and volunteers for their designated purpose. This information should never be shared outside the organization.

Guests–Visitors are welcome at BAY-VIBES  but should not interfere with the volunteer carrying out his or her responsibilities. Volunteers are responsible for ensuring their guests adhere to all station policies.

Recycling, Trashand Shared Space-­‐Please respect the fact you are working in a community space and that dozens of volunteers and staff share this area.

Personal ItemsBAY-VIBES is not responsible for volunteers’personal belongings.

Smoking –Smoking is not allowed in the BAY-VIBES. studio rooms


1.Yes, I have read the BAY_VIBES volunteer contract.

I will represent the goals and ideals presented in this agreement in my service as a BAY-VIBES volunteer.

2.I, ____________________________, understand each of these expectations and code of conduct and agree to abide by them. I also understand that these are minimum conditions which may be changed and/or elaborated upon by the station management and failure to meet them could result in suspension or removal of volunteer privileges.

I also agree to make a reasonable effort to keep up to date on changes to station policies by attending volunteer meetings and reading memos outlining such changes.I am aware that any breach of this agreement may be cause for immediate revocation of volunteer status.

Name (please print): __________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________


phone  no

Emergency Contact:__________________________________________________


Signature: _____________________________Date: _________


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Volunteer contract