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Internet Radio – the Future of Radio Broadcasting

Internet Radios – the Future of Radio Broadcasting

Are you a keen radio listener? Especially in the big cities, where traffic jams are frequent, the morning radio broadcast or the latest music hits can kill the boredom and bring some light in your day. But in the recent years, with the latest advancements in the technological field, there has been a change in the way people listen to their favorite radio stations. The fact that the old-fashioned radio receivers are treated as antiques and soon will find their place in the museum shows that the conventional radio has evolved into something new – the internet radio
The online internet radio can offer much more things than its predecessor. It can be accessed via internet browser or specially developed application, both on PCs and smartphones. The principles of functioning are pretty much the same – there still an encoder, a server which works as a transmitter and a second device which plays the role of a receiver, equipped with player/plug-in that deciphers the signal.
If you still haven’t listened to an online internet radio, the list with advantages below can serve as motivation:

  • Not just bigger, but immense range of radios from all over the world.
  • Available anytime, anywhere – if there is an internet connectivity, there will be internet radio streaming too.
  • Allows totally new ways of advertising and engaging the end  users.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Not so long ago, radio transmitters had really limited scope and this respectively meant that they provided only a particular number of stations, available in a particular country. So you are fan of that great local radio show that is broadcasted every evening. OK but in the summer you decide to go on a vacation for 2 weeks. Bye Bye favorite radio broadcast. Well that is not necessary anymore. There are numerous applications that offer very wide range of wireless internet radios. Just like SHOUTcast. It is cross-platform software for streaming media over the Internet. Part of it is SHOUTcast Radio which provides the user with a directory of SHOUTcast internet music radios. To make it clearer let’s see some stats. Founded in 1999, in July 2011, SHOUTcast Radio offers more than 45 000 worldwide stations and at peak hours has more than 900 000 listeners. Can you imagine it – holding thousands of internet radios in your palm? Amazing!
  • As before the signal was carried by microwaves, when the weather was bad, the broadcast might interfere some disruptions. With wireless internet streaming the chances of such problems a much less but even if there are disorders simply plug-in your internet cable in the PC and bring joy to your ears, no matter the weather .
  •  More radio stations and higher accessibility are the advantages only for the end users. Advertisers are the ones that can benefit more than you think. With internet streaming not only audio can be transmitted but images, videos and links and well. It is a great idea to show people an inviting banner with a link below for your website, while the actual voice ad is going on. The birth of new, more successful and more attractive on-air advertising was given. I am saying more successful because the user would be much eager simply to click the link on the screen and to order pizza instead of trying to remember ordering phone numbers and URLs Furthermore if you miss the evening internet radio news, most of the online radios have websites where everything missed can always be caught up with.
  • All in all more and more terrestrial radios are partially or fully transformed into online internet radios. Some of the more conservative listeners would still choose to push the on/off button, browse the scale and find something good. Of course such connoisseurs are becoming less and less. Most of the people prefer to take their iPod, put the headphones on and enjoy 100 worldwide wireless internet radios instead of 10 local stations.