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Lost in Jungle

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So let’s get started: pre “Jungle” developed in the underground rave scene alongside other styles from 1989-1993. While most electronic music had a 4-4 kick (think MARRS 1987 hit “pump up the volume”), jungle instead focused on breakbeats (eventually losing the kick drum altogether) and deeper sub-basses for rhythm. The speed ranged from house music (mid-120 bpm) to 140 and beyond, increasing as time went on.


As sounds started splitting off into their own sub-genres, Jungle was one of them. Examples of others sub-genres are: techno, hardcore gabber, acid, house, breaks and the list goes on. Each had its own sound and places in the world where it had the biggest following and was able to develop the most. Who, or more accurately “where” claims to be the originators of Jungle? It is safe to say that it emerged from London, Bristol and other cities not far from the capital of Great Britain.This was such a quickly-changing time for electronic music, where obvious developments in the new sub-genres could be heard in very short timeframes of only one year, and usually within months. Eventually Jungle broke off as its own genre and the classic most well-known tracks were made in 1994-1995, ranging from 160-170 bpm. The chopped-up breakbeats and staccato sample stabs style saturated in its own scene – it peaked and then drastically changed. This period in time is considered the “Golden Age” of Jungle music, and some of the tunes back then even made it into the pop charts.

Drum & Bass

A new style of jungle called “drum & bass” emerged in 1996 and started what quickly became the final genre that still continues today. It stripped out the broken beats and started using proper drum kits in an ordered, danceable pattern. Although sub bass was still the norm, new synthesizers started appearing and sampling was almost completely removed. Most saw this as s good thing, a logical progression and keeping with the times.


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