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I started listening to Jungle/Dnb about 1994/95 it was an A.W.O.L tape the dj was Micky Finn an soon as I herd it I was hooked straight away then I started yo borrow more tapes from friends , I liked the the music with the reggae vocal samples in . After a while of listening to it I was interested in how to mix it wasn’t to a few years later were I got some cheap decks an started to mix I didn’t have a clue at first an my mate showed me were to mix an beat match, I did have a break for a few years there was a lot going on in my life were I didn’t have time for it then in 2006 I started again then I brought another set of decks an started going to Loco recordsin Chatham Kent every week getting the latest music an the rest is history. I’m apart of a group called Dnb 3Flow which is run by my mate Mc Drama an consit of myself , Mc Drama, Blind Fury and Principle , we have done nights around Kent an been apart of other Dnb nights in London. I play most types of Dnb from jump up, liquid, rollers an vocal so expect a bit of everything from me and looking forward to showing my talents on this radio station.